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“Pam is a fantastic speaker and coach, a person with the ability to balance and pace listening and challenging, with such empathy and effectiveness.”

Alvaro Celis, VP | Microsoft

“Laughter is the original transformation and Pam Dibbs is a master of transformation. She had the audience crying with laughter, she also used humor to help everyone see how they get in their own way.”

Rich Litvin, CEO

“Pam commands the stage! Pam’s insight and expertise are enlightening and inspiring!”

Mary Poffenroth, STEM Faculty | San Jose university

Wit & Wisdom

Pam pulls back the curtain on what’s really in the way of high performance. For many leaders, the day to day pressures and pace get in the way of them acting on what they know makes them the best leader possible. Pam shows leaders how to get out of that cycle.

Talk Titles & Descriptions

The disruptions of the past couple of years have left many potentially great organizations and workplaces fragmented, disconnected and fatigued. The result: employees dreading Mondays, more interested in browsing LinkedIn than contributing and overall feeling demotivated and stalled.

Meanwhile, leaders and CEOs feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the new normal at work. If that’s you, or if you even suspect that’s where you’re heading, this keynote will enable you to bring the smiles - and the strength - back to your people. In this interactive keynote, leadership and team coach Pam Dibbs shares the best leadership 'know how' from decades of working with fortune 50 companies. In this talk, Pam helps leaders unhook from overwhelm and bust myths about what effective leadership looks like today. Pam blends neuroscience and stories from working with 1,000's of leaders in organizations and teaches attendees powerful strategies based on new science that they can apply tomorrow.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the unexpected secret to high performance
  • Strategies for how to work ON the business instead of IN the business to accelerate impact
  • Experience more clarity and confidence in decision-making
  • Create well-being rich teams without losing your own well-being
The events of the last few years have demanded more from employees and their work than at any time in our recent history and the disruption and uncertainty is far from over. Supporting leaders and employees to unhook from overwhelm, disruption fatigue and tap into their innate resilience and wisdom has never been more important. Exploring what steady leadership looks like in turbulent times.

We have a fundamental misunderstanding of what causes overwhelm, disengagement and languishing at work. From a completely new perspective, this talk enables participants to increase their ability to cope, connect and create, allowing them to live, love and lead with more ease and joy.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience more good days, regardless of circumstances
  • Build trust and communicate more effectively
  • Increase speed and confidence in decision-making
  • Create well-being rich teams without losing your own well-being

Most employees dread Mondays. Stress, overwhelm and disengagement are the norm at work and many employees are voting with their feet. The good news is that organizations and leaders that foster humor and humanity can more easily recruit and retain top talent, enjoy increased engagement, creativity and collaboration – and more.

Blending decades as an executive and team coach with a one-of-a-kind comedic voice, Pam has a unique lens on the power of humor and humanity in the workplace. She will show your audience how to leverage humor to amplify employee engagement, creativity and resiliency – and provide opportunities for them to laugh at themselves, see the pitfalls of using “working hard” as a metric for success, and give them permission to balance gravity with levity.

"Her comedic timing and smart monologue proves that laughing can remove many of the barriers to finding common ground and achieving goals."

Jody McCrain, Former President | ICF Washington

Key Takeaways

  • Unhook from overwhelm, stress and languishing (or ‘Meh’ - Turn your ‘Meh’ into Motivation)
  • Demystify how humor fuels employee engagement, problem solving, innovation and empathy in the workplace
  • Develop tools that enable you and your teams to bounce forward together

"Pam’s presentation reminded us how laughter at work can actually open the door to creativity. If you need inspiration for your event, I highly recommend Pam."

Mikaela Kiner, Founder & CEO | Reverb

How to Book Pam

From keynotes to workshops to virtual events, Pam works with you to plan a bespoke experience that helps you help your leaders reconnect to themselves, each other and the mission, building cultures where leaders and teams get to do the best work of their lives everyday. Leaving audiences not just energized but with the ‘know how’ and ‘how-to’s’ to practice leadership differently tomorrow.

"A cheeky storyteller and masterful speaker, Pam will beam warmth, creativity, humor, and heart into your conference or corporate event. As substantive as she is sprightly, she'll leave your audience/employees better able to bring playfulness and self-compassion into all realms of their work and life."

Alexia Vernon, Executive Communications Author